Enerkem-Concept croquis








The vision behind the design of the Enerkem administration building is a monolithic structure that expresses the metaphor of the energy extracted from the waste. Thus, the building takes the shape of a pure and luminous volume rising from the landfills. The simple plan comes from the intention of having clear axes and structural grid lines allowing for future expansion.
The building was imagined to facilitate a central control point for all operations and for monitoring traffic on site. The building would need to be easily identifiable, accessible, secure, and strategically designed to optimize functionality and space. It would also provide a safe and comfortable environment for all those who use the facility.
Interior courtyards, green roof and green walls will help cooling the facility and create a healthy working environment. A large amount of windows facing the plant will provide substantial natural light and visual control over the installations. The skin of the building is an avant-garde system of slanted curtain walls with adjustable opacity glazing.